Pricing plans for all teams

Monthly billing Annual billing


$50 per month
$500 per year
Best for individual sellers and owners looking to more efficiently find time with their prospects and increase their meeting show rates.
  • 1 User (+ $50/ additional user)
  • 1 AI Workflow
  • $1.00 per Engaged Lead


$500 per month
$5,000 per year
Best for small teams looking for a custom agent that can integrate into a CRM to automate inbound lead-to-meeting conversion and increase qualified show rates.
  • 8 Users (+ $50/ additional user)
  • 2 AI Workflows
  • 100 Engaged Leads (+ $0.25 per lead after that)
  • CRM Integrations
  • Custom Branding


$1,000 per month
$10,000 per year
For larger enterprises that require Al agents to handle scaled meeting management across multiple channels and corporate growth functions.
  • 16 Users (+scaled pricing for more users)
  • Unlimited AI Workflows
  • 500 Engaged Leads per month (then $0.20 after that)
  • CRM Integrations
  • Custom Branding

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Scheduling doesn't start with a calendar... it starts with context. That's why Scheduler AI is a fully autonomous scheduling agent that can proactively engage in conversations, books meetings, monitors them, re-book them and more. It can even help you coordinate follow-up meetings across different internal and external groups. This is unlike standard calendar links (which require your guests to constantly fill them out), or back-and-forth emails (which requires constant coordination), or polls (which requires everyone to vote.)

  • No! Everyone does not need to sign up. Think of Scheduler Al as you would a human appointment setter. Scheduler will propose a time that works for your internal team, and your prospect or customer can respond back with times that work for them.

  • Yes. By signing up for a Professional Teams plan your organization can customize their Al scheduling agent's branding, routing, engagement frequency, and more.

  • No. Scheduler Al was designed to integrate seamlessly into your current business development processes and pipelines. You can have your entire team added to the platform in one meeting, and the Al will instantly begin engaging your inbound leads, routing, and safeguarding your reps meetings.

  • Scheduler Al can integrate directly into CRMs, ATS systems, webforms, email, and more.

  • We place the highest priority on safeguarding our users' data. We solely use basic profile information, preferences, and provided calendar information to find optimal group meeting times. We never download, store, share, or sell personal calendar details or data with third parties. We are working to obtain SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certifications. For more information, please refer to our Privacy. Policy and Terms of Use, or contact our security team at