AI that converts leads into meetings... while you close deals.

SchedulerAI is a fully customizable AI agent that can conversationally:
• Qualify warm CRM leads over text and email.
• Book meetings for your reps.
• Rebook and recover meetings.
• Ensure follow-up meetings.

Sending Meeting Email
New lead created
Sarah <> Me
Sarah <> Me
Sarah <> Me

Integrates seamlessly with your stack.

Other tools claim to handle scheduling, but they can't manage the whole process.

They rely on form fills... but you need an actual conversation to start engaging with a prospect.

They let you send your calendar link, but it puts all the burden on the prospect to book, which often gets ignored.

You still have to manually reschedule or recover meetings, which isn't scalable.

Fast track your meeting funnel with SchedulerAl

Qualify + Route

SchedulerAl has nurture conversations with leads on your behalf.

Moments after your prospect downloads a gated asset or fills out a form, SchedulerAl can:

  • • Connects with contacts via email or text
  • • Ask leads questions to discover buying intent
  • • Compare their answers to your qualification criteria
  • • Routes them to the right sales person (or disqualify them) you can skip the whole process.


SchedulerAl uses a conversational, human approach to booking.

Once it's time to book, SchedulerAl:

  • • Scans your real-time availability
  • • Presents three potential time slots to a prospect via email or text
  • • Communicates back and forth to confirm the best time you control the momentum and book the meeting.

Reschedule & Recovery

Prospect reschedules or ghosts? SchedulerAI has got it.

While you sleep, SchedulerAl will monitor your calendar and:

  • • Send relevant reminders
  • • Instantly re-book contacts as needed
  • • Re-engage lapsed leads

... so you can keep people in the funnel.


SchedulerAl keeps the ball rolling with auto-followup.

After the meeting, SchedulerAl ensures next steps by:

  • • Coordinating follow-up meetings
  • • Capturing meeting notes the process is automatically expedited.

“This flexibility to interpret intent and convert it into scheduling actions sets Scheduler AI apart from the competition. You can use it with your Gmail account, on Slack, integrate it into your website or web forms, and even use it in text messages.”
Miguel Rebelo
Writer of 'The 7 Best AI Scheduling Assistants'
“At SaaS Academy we leverage Scheduler AI to get more meetings”
Matt McCaffer
Sales Director at SaaS Academy
"Scheduler turns outbound messages into qualified meetings better than anything else we’ve ever tried. It reaches out to leads in seconds, quickly qualifies them, and then books them with the proper rep."
Cory Lloyd
CEO Spartan Approach

Skip the scheduling. Focus on selling.